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CALL US: 904-284-8200

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The Association of Penney Retirement Community Residents, (AoR) is often confused with the Penney Retirement Community, Inc. and their Board of Directors. These two groups are, however, quite distinct entities and operate differently. The AoR functions as an LLC. Penney Retirement Community, Inc. is the sole member.

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The stated purpose of the Association of Penney Retirement Community Residents (AoR) is to promote the physical, intellectual, spiritual and social well-being of its members. And who are their members? That would be EACH resident of Penney no matter where they live on campus. The AoR serves that purpose wonderfully well through the development, funding and maintenance of residents’ activities and services. As you might suspect from the name, the AoR is made up of all the residents and only the residents. Elected officers serve for one to three years depending on their responsibilities. Located in the lobby of the Commons, the AoR office oversees the many daily resident activities and keeps Penney humming along. In addition to their routine services and activities, the AoR knows how to throw a great party every so often.

Want to know what a few of those special activities are? For starters, the residents show their love and appreciation for the employees by hosting an elaborate Christmas Party for all the Penney Retirement Community employees each year. The AoR also shows their gratitude to retiring employees with a special party. Then there’s the Annual Milestone Anniversary Celebration, a large event honoring resident couples who have been married for many decades. The national holidays as well as the sacred holidays are recognized with appropriate programs including parades, music, speakers and varied activities. The November Arts and Crafts Festival has grown into a two-day affair and attracts crowds of people from neighboring communities. This enormous event owes its popularity to two things: the fine quality of the products that residents create and the meticulous organization of the event.

All Penney residents have a voice in the workings of the AoR as area representatives take residents’ questions and concerns to the monthly meetings. Matters involving policies are taken to Board appointed committees and then to the Board. One third of the Board of Directors are residents. There are seven residents on the Board: three are nominated by the AoR, three are nominated by the Board’s Nominating Committee, and one non-voting resident represents Penney Memorial Church.

Here is a partial listing of AoR’s services and activities, but believe us, it is just a partial listing:

  • 9 Hole Synthetic Golf Course
  • Archivist
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Audio-Visual, Electronics, Clock Repair Services
  • Cemetery Management
  • Closed Circuit TV Channels
  • Coffee Shop
  • Continuing Education
  • Estate Sales
  • Fitness and Wellness Program (includes Golf and Tennis)
  • Library
  • Recycling Program
  • Resale Shop
  • Resident Historian
  • Residents' Publications
  • Sewing, Framing, Woodworking Services
  • Travel Club